Quantum World

Glossary (A-Z)

Classical mechanics
Rules describing motion on a scale larger than atoms
Copenhagen interpretation
Popular interpretation of quantum physics where particles are in superposition before observation
Double slit experiment
Experiment showing the quantum property of wave-particle duality
Interference pattern
Pattern created by one or more waves interacting with each other
Observer effect
Effect where observing a quantum event changes its outcome
Quantum interpretations
Different explanations for how quantum effects occur
Quantum mechanics
Study of subatomic particles and the way they behave
Quantum physics
Another name for quantum mechanics
Schrödinger's cat
Thought experiment showing the strangeness of quantum superposition and the observer effect
Subatomic particles
Particles smaller than an atom
A mixture of all the possible states a particle can be in
Wave-particle duality
Property of subatomic particles allowing them to sometimes act like waves